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18. August 2013

It’s been a lovely (odd) weekend.

Foremost because I decided to dive head-first back into social media in the form of that addictive little photo app called Instagram. (Yes, I’m very late to the party) Which after being out of touch with the universe (aka Facebook) three (four?) years now, a sudden burst of accessibility and exposure was a shock to the system.

Thus far, I have fully enjoyed the make-your-life-seem-perfect filters and glimpses into the lives of people I don’t really see much of. I am also finding that I am terrible at navigating the social media scene. I think I’m just rusty. Thanks to S, who immediately responded to my “rebirth” with pointers on proper tagging etiquette and the overall happenings of the Instasphere. (I’m certain this isn’t a real word. I’m probably losing social cred as we speak. “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen!” But it’s my half-cent contribution to unlikely potential internet history)
Also, this little window into the lives of others doing as they always did (but just a bit older..and maybe a little wiser) was definitely surreal. The moment you realize the “new people” in your life are the “old people” and the “old people” are… simply not there, it’s a very odd feeling and a little unsettling.

This has simply reminded me that I often forget that life exists outside of my crazy world. Mainly because it’s the nature of my work that insists on being all-consuming. It’s a delicate thing, to balance passion/interest/ambition with relationships/family/life. I’m seeing more and more how the two forces are constantly competing. Not just in my own life but in those of the people around me who have been in this business for a long time. 

Everyone is faced with this to some level — even when home and locked into a routine of work/home/weekends. But I think being away from home 8+ months a year makes the challenge a little more daunting. Does this scare me enough to keep me from pursuing the things that excite me? No. But it’s certainly something to be sensitive to. To be mindful of. I would hate to wake up one day and wonder where the loves in my life have gone.

This is why I am incredibly grateful for the constants in my life who keep me sane and grounded. It’s always nice to have a group of wonderful folks to come home to.

imageAudubon Park, Uptown NOLA

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Amsterdam 2011

I have a picture of you from years ago, being hoisted (by the ass) over a tall wire fence to break into Wright’s Ennis House. I will always look back fondly on that year because it was the start of the adventures we’re still sharing today. 

Wish I was in LA to celebrate your day. 
Stay fabulous, my dear~

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